a woman getting up suddenly and closely examining art work on the wall. two fisherman sitting together in the café, one man talking incessantly about everything, are you going to the island?, is Tuesday not a good day for going to the island? the price of coffee is too high here, how do you know if it’s really organic? the other man looking away nervously not listening to him at all then getting up suddenly taking the paper from the woman at other table, walking away returning continuing to walk away girl next to me hums young men talk about card games

last night getting home from walking miles, 1:30 in the morning got a call, her picking me up in my car, her getting in the backseat where bedding was, “like John and Yoko,” telling me about getting him back, “I feared the worst, he didn’t love me anymore,” it heartbreaking spring thaw sky wet night broken blue tree night. how strange to be a loving being emphasizing with others feeling their hurt or joy in your skin feeling close to other hearts smelling the spring rain together