Something happens 3,000
miles away from where
I reside,
God inhabits me
my father inhabits
me: his love shining eyes
his soft words
God takes care of me as
a best friend mother
I cry easily along with petals
in the breeze
and falling peony
petals the past comes
back not to haunt
me but to enliven
me to bloom my
soul: memory
of Spokane downtown
painted murals as a
child and California
dream life ocean
walk; palms flower
God comes to calm
and balm my
soul with fresh
spring leaves
I realize I could
be alone easily:
expanded into the
ever changing
“ever cool”
the newborn blue
sky and
bridges unsure
of where they
lead to
people crossing
talking to each
other about
their most
private lives
“never to hear
back from him,”
“puberty,” sprinklers
alone because it is
diving into eternity
trees so
unreal green contrasting
against the gray
and red buildings
there are
things called
maple tree leaves
that consume
you with thick wetness