Portland, Oregon May 17, 2008

I lived in Tijuana when
I was a teenager
and we used to love
to go to Rosa Rita

I work as a machinist
The economy is slow
right now, business is
slow, but you know,
I am not worried
I can go back to
Mexico for 3 months
and come back when they
need me.
I used to go
back to Mexico twice
a year, in December
and July, but since
my mother died I
only go back once a

I am going to
Santa Cruz California
where I used to live,
until July 1, friends
are there, my girlfriend
is there.
my friends are all there.
my one son is in Kansas
and the other in New
“That was a big
burrito, man, I can’t
finish it.”
Do they have Mexican
food in Maine? No.

Are you hitchhiking?
Gonna say, it will take
you a long time.

Take care. Maybe we will
see each other next
time you’re in Portland,
we live in a small
world you know.
Portland is a beautiful