[an email from East…)

member that thing I told you I took from a bulletin board at Colby?
here it is, verbatim except I didn’t capitalize the first word of each sentence. tell me what it means…..

Cold Reading
From Marco Polo Sings a Solo, by John Guare

Theory? you call scientific fact theory? it’s mankind’s problem in a nutshell. we never go far enough. we have to keep pushing ourselves further and further to recognizing the needs of others. I recognize the needs of the grape. the grape wants to live. the veal wants to die. why should I stand in the way of the veal? deny the grape? next life around I’m coming back as a vegetable researcher. I’m committed to being an artist in this life. but one feels so inadequate when I compare the work I’m doing to the work they’re doing on vegetables. Have you ever heard the cries of the asparagus? granted, zucchinis are dumb. but radishes are brilliant. if we could just break the code…I have no sympathy for mammals. meat can run away. meat has wings. meat has gills. meat has hooves. meat can escape. meat can change. meat can die. meat want to die. but plants have roots. plants are trapped. pants are dependent. plants know about survival. plants have to stay there. one of the great fallacies of science is aligning man with the mammals. man is a plant. we may look like meat, but we’re not meat. we can never escape. not change. we are planted firmly in the ground. we are what we grow out of. my plant nature. I celebrate that.