everything’s light

on the way to Mary and Paul’s down Stillwater Avenue. Evening time, breezy, the blue wind drifting, the sun come out, everyone I saw walking or biking smiling at me and gold light coming up out of the cracks in the sidewalks. Biking fast and effortlessly thinking how the best writing, living, loving comes from enjoying life, from biking, being happy, and living fully, brimming with light: everything and everyone, mouths, clouds, leaves, bugs, fireflies, brimming with light. The clouds on the way home veiling the full moon that shone above them, as if rising. I was born and raised by a spiritual man, his pulse beats on my wrist, he talks to me from my dreams, he told me countless times he knew god, the brain and the soul does not die, god is in every living thing, we are all the same

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