the shaking has ended
I am safe now
next to a powerful, gentle
giant. I am
not scared now, I am a
powerful, gentle boy.
the scary movie about
war has been
shut off
I have come up
from sleeping on the dark
carpet, against the wall
to the attic, where
inside a small door,
a dresser is inside,
a dresser where
guitar strings hang
in array like
glowing from the
Christmas lights
strung inside the stairway

I am Louie the
Lion walking on
clouds, I am Louie
the Lion the river
park cartwheeler, I am
Louie the Lion the tight rope
walker, higher than clouds
that are father’s breasts
over the moon, higher
than clouds that are
mother’s hands over
the setting sun

I am Louie the Lion
tonight we will wait
by the tree outside
the library, and see
if elves go
in through a
small door in the
tree: “Look, the
branch shook.” there
are elves inside
the trees, they leave
notes outside my house
I am Louie the
Lion, knower that
everything will be
okay, I will get
through the night so long
as I have someone to love