I might stick around
a while
means I hope
you come by and
see me for a
little while
getting to hear
Josh Ritter
will be the
closest I will
get to my
homeland for a
while. His
songs so Eastern
Washington, Northern
Idaho, my pulse


Blue Hill Falls

I come out of the
river rushing into
the sea
and sit on large
rocks looking into
purple star fish and
out to fishing cranes
and black ducks
the water coming in
so strong pulling me
out the swoosh of
a fisherman’s line
and cars up and
over the rock wall
above a tide pool
that looks like a
shifting black mirror
beside neon
green ocean grass
the sea side
seeming to beckon
fall the river
reverse tide,
the height of
in a rain shadow
looking at thick
black clouds above
the water on all sides
a heavy
mist over the
blue trees
everything in
melting color,
wet seas neon
color under
black cloud