This spot where I’m
sitting I can’t breathe in
strange spirits coming
last night it was
my father
telling me something
I can’t remember
now maybe it is
those of dead
Indians, mourning
I try to make a telephone
call and hear only a
cut up dry “hello”
and a child,
and it’s cut up & gone.
I think of her being
gone and feel like
I’m suffocating
sirens wail
and I know that
someone’s life is
being transformed
in an instant

my coughing is noise
to myself reminder
I’m alive
an ember burning
in the cold air
my lips hot and
swollen, dried

my lips burning
red candy in
the sky
my eyes climbing
the mountain
waiting for the sun
the spirit of the sun
my love
coming to make
me whole
we burn into
each other
like last night
and this morning
our bodies softly
floating into one
take this moment
to enjoy happiness
at a strange
happiness in sickness,
birds spinning the
sky crows magnificent
slick blue feathers
oh they look so
wet in this winter
and the pigeons
like coins tossed into
and they follow
each other, dancing
right over my
face I hear their
ecstatic whimpers
trying not to laugh
flying in formation
they change colors
and back again
into a boy walking
along the sidewalk
wearing headphones
oh the shadows
of trees are
they make the
asphalt bend
and slide down
toward me
they make the
streets look like
sunny western highways

in her
long pink car
driving by
all my dreams
are visions

I am a magician
I drink from 3
glasses, 3 cures at once