moment is now

you have to be in the
moment to realize
the moment is eternal
the moment is passing
instantly but there eternally

we come from each other’s
we are made human
by the sound of
our mother’s heart
by the sound of
her blood circling
around us like warm
soft rivers

my spirit leaves
its body coming
out of the doorway,
bicycle in hand, into
the blinding wind
and above-freezing, sunny

alive in the light
snow/rain/thin slush
streets, the shining streets
casting me up hills
with the help of the wind
my spirit running leaves
aching belly behind,
met by dogs and 5
old men, 2
smiling ladies

find my bike growing
out of the forest
shining with soft cedar
and smelling like
get on it and
roll wetly connecting to the street
is salvation

connecting with her
before my departure
because the car
was stuck in the mud

the wind helping
us to heave it

the pink and orange
sunset drift sky
like the desert
black trees throwing themselves
against it

the fields white and
coated with ice gleaming
like great black bodies of water
right at level with
then the pink horizon
becomes the ground
and I fly into
it through living
and I fly into it
through bath
rooms where the faucets
have heartbeats, my
pulse in the water
letting my spirit rise


  1. scott keeps running · March 5, 2009

    i find myself growing out of the forest. sometimes it hurts with all the thorns, though.


  2. Alan · March 6, 2009

    Your words described my 6 mile run around Hains Point early this evening. I ran on a trail through the melting snow and growing mud. I ran past the two red foxes that live there. My broken body is slowly growing into my ageless spirit. I am alive again. I am running again, but it is different this time. Something is different. I see and feel so differently. It’s like remembering something. I thank you for your words…


  3. LP · March 6, 2009

    Alan and scott keeps running, thank you so much for your words, and for connecting with mine…


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