my arms smell
like bandages
the me who almost
died in the day
a truck flashed
in front of my turning
shaking legs leaving
me whimpering to the woods
leaving me delirium
struck in the soft woods

the ice pulling away from the
river, the river pushing it out
making furious whirlpools
the most glorious
the river at night
going faster
than anything I’ve
ever seen saying it’s
gonna be alright
we’re gonna be
brand new
and flood the

I almost died in the day
but lived to follow you over
the guard rail, to
sit on the concrete
tunnel above the
water, the stars
above us and water
open again at our
feet, again we lasted
the winter
sitting on the little bridge
with beaver circling
in the water
and the town a fire
of lights across from the darkness,
these nights my greatest joy