wounded aloe
wild sunflowers growing
between chicken
wire and clothesline
opening up

good to dance
and sing
because it can
be felt and heard
sparrow in the
garden following me

no one can see a
crying girl

sometimes so much beauty
is terrifying

when the hot weight
of love presses down
on you makes you limp
bars your arms to
the chair

Nick Drake plucking
his guitar
seagulls and motorcycle blur
a shot of cut grass breeze
boys walking home
with cases of beer
we all wanna lose our

a moth lying whole beneath cut
over grass

a crow caw response

a ride past on
his motorcycle
a slap

wooden birds in the porch
hockey skates made
of ash

going to the faces
of wild sunflowers for
a fallen red & yellow
striped tiger lily head
a fluorescent soft
feathered bird

my eye peeling
trying to make me
see more than
I wanna