I dream my fingers
are piano keys

walking last night
with her came
the sobbing of a
primal screams
of someone losing
it we walked
side by side into
the dark woods
into the banging & dogs
barking & a woman wailing

dead mice on the
just sleeping mice
time passing
in beats of dead
mice vision
just sleeping mice
crown of blood
is a lick of rain
just sleeping gray
against the trail
rust grate in the bog
invisible rain
mud banks that take
river receded the gums so bad
blend fast with animal
tracks let the
warm blood enter you
swim to the middle
let the stillwater
pull you down it
rust in the rain
rust in the new mud

I eat my dreams
I eat kale that saved
the Russian peasants that
grows beneath my
sleeping head
fed by my dreams
I eat and become

dead mice
are sleeping

jailed fathers are sleeping

fields of mist
fields of sleep
fields I dream
you say I love
you I dream
it and it’s true
and it’s glorious

trailer parks
are dream gardens
trailers are broken cages

I tell them the
worst thing that
could happen is
my ears fill up so much I go
deaf I cannot hear
the dreams of mice
only touch their soft fur
laying mouse
sized on the
we are not dead
we are dreaming
we are breathing
in the trees
we are the breath
of humid day
hot & thick as blood
how can we love
each other
by laying next
to each other
in soft blood fur
anything can take
me into it, any
object can grab hold
of my spine
my hands shaking
cannot hold
my eyes shaking like
the trees behold
this sky is going
to open like a mouth
and love me
these bricks are
going to twirl
me like a cigarette
are going to
laugh me like
a hammer and a
this is swamp
when the rust muds
rise and sift
into the air
heartbeats fluttering
in my ear drums
loud bellows coming
from the ants
fire inverted
is the stillwater
cooing of a mourning
dove is a biking boy

it was papers blown
from the hands of a man
into a field that
brought me out here

it was a procession
of old men being
led by a girl
that gave me leave