two tree trunk stoops
dressed in tin
with large birdhouse
heads, attached by the
arms looking out

the water slow
soft steamy
the ferns spellbound

pirate’s cove
eerie and
staring out hungrily
I throw smoke
into the water
a giant eagle
dropped from the tree
right in front of me
larger than me, massive

then heron making itself
still thin silhouetted
in the watery
then flying
gray and blue
winged low
huge backed over
the water

there are places in
the river
where you say holy
holy holy
there are places where the water goes
both directions pulled by
both wind and current
the large snake moving
from under my feet the
moment I step onto
the dry grass
the trees already
changing in early
talk of the
eagles and
laugh of the crows
how alive every
part of river
I bless the
water and
everything it passes