time of the full
moon harvest moon,
world turning new
bicycle gone
beyond repair
leg injured
then riding
bicycle up the
hill to the
fire as comet
flew across the sky

the rain comes
down like a hundred
songs touching you
all over
what oceans has it
known, who have
swam in it
the rain gives
me a place to
sail on the streets

the air is solid
then a breeze
comes and it is water
I love how the earth
is ever moving
leaves in a puddle
and caved in brick
some people walk
right thru me
some thru reflections
in the water
blood on their
legs shining in the
I have no wants
and am like a
child, and so
must relearn it all

climb the stairs levitating on my back
my soul can do anything
leave its panting body to
lay on the porch looking
up at the peeling white
paint roof
my soul can welcome
thundering skies
and hear girls singing
from bedroom windows
be there with Dylan
saying, “I wouldn’t change a
thing even if I could”
my soul is with
me my ears are full
of water this porch
full of heat
rain motorcycles and smoke

big night
thru open blinds be good to me
big river
good river
be good to me
pink in your
waves good to
me drifting me down
slow without my noticing
gently like Washington
River river good river

Daddy long legged
help me to know
help me to say
the right words
at the river time
because I believe
you have feelings
and I never pulled
apart your legs and
left you dying
oh duck underbelly scent
oh mud pond scent
oh river breeze wet air
oh tall grass wet
river scent I adore you
I wish to be like you
I wish to be like you
entering lungs softly
and sweetly caressing
faces softly and