On the radio last night: 80% chance of rain tomorrow
Waking predawn dreaming hearing the rain coming down, wondering how I will swim to work
End up taking my boat instead of bike thru the streets, going slow and spurting all the way from moisture in the gas tank. The big boats come upon me and try to make me cower under their waves but I don’t mind. I float atop faster, my sail is prettier
Wet legs and socks just walking through the parking lot to the office
some puddles are invisible and you don’t feel them until you’re soaked through
some cracked shoes smile and bathe my feet
Office mate comes in says they should have called a rain day
we could have stayed home to work on our boats, set sail in the streets
watch it pour pour pound the darkness from my office window. A day when you should stay in bed, but dream all through the working hours instead
The river twirling waves, ocean river and the trees waving, getting clean
Walk out in it when it’s only sprinkling and the wet air strokes my face, breathes my hair, opens my jacket, blows my face into a smile
the fastest breeze scours our teeth glittering clean the best
the river is the sky and the sky is the river, I have learned to float through both, boatless
The wind enters my mouth and fills my stomach with sweetness, letting me fly from the inside