everyone comes and
goes because I came
and went
the time goes
every morning Max waking
me up
listening to my dreams
telling me his, I dreamed I was
riding a whale, I dreamed
I was running with a cheetah
I dreamed I was flying on an eagle

yesterday morning running
the little boy perched on
a rock outside his door
meowing like a cat
into the street

33,000 feet
over the cascades
the columbia river
cradled in brown
look into the rainbow
spots to stop the
thick dark mystery
clouds from
swelling up my breast

the lights in Detroit metro sprawl
all twinkling like stars
blue and gold
inverted me
running on the clouds
looking down at the
the boy beating drums
on his lap in time
to my finger taps of
blues life airport
where am
I going blues
will stare into
rainbows in ice
and try to remember
running out of the sky