visions of the stars
flashing above steamy
on a sled buzzing
sleeping in the ’68
the mustard yellow
orange & green vinyl
floral print pullout
I slept on
propane exhaust
giving wisps of heat
thru the gusty night
I’d wake up so dry
covered in thick
sleeping bags looking
out at the blue night
thinking of all the
hunters & people who’d
slept there before
strange dreams
looking out the
window, seeing a figure
smoking across the
street seeming to
look over at me
wondering if they saw
my ghost movement
in the trailer, some
night flash
the blue predawn met
by a single crow caw
silhouette of my friend at
the door predawn & woodstove
flashing light
said she wondered if I was
just sweating out my poison
driving through bare
tree lined highway
bars of light on the asphalt
playing me like
a xylophone