the wind whips up the
dumpster lid and the
water coming over the dam
rises like a wave
and the wind whips back
my hood and fills my down
jacket into puffy
wing feathers
and I laugh and rise into
the silver clouds
& know what it is
for god to take you
to die and go with the
wind like the spirits
to be in flight
and dreaming awake

I look at your car
parked in my driveway
and feel lucky
you’re visiting me
and feel sad I’m
not home for it
am just a spirit
rising and
remember you
leant me your
car & I will have
to come back down
to get it

and the asian girl gets
on the bus and closes her
eyes in prayer
& the blond girl prays
to music like me
and the girls put their
legs together in stranger
intimacy loving each other
in prayer cloud vision

comes the low sudden
choir of asian kids
in the lunch room
husking an ocean hymn

me picking bones
from my teeth as
people stare
me wanting to be
no one
wanting to be picked
up by the wet tongues
outside and taken away