float on

I would love all the lonely
kids on the bus
I would make them feel ok
the hawk flying into
me looking into me
then rising directly over
my head
life looking after me
healing me
continuing to go on
I thought the car ride
was me but it was just
some scrambled static of
my past this is me
this hawk this love for
these freshly showered kids on the bus

my fingers so bleeding with
the rain my knees so splintered
like telephone poles
seeping red paint
neko case thru headphones
raining on the bus
makes my eyes break

spent the afternoon picking
up shards of glass
from broken windows
and a knocked down
sun floating on the flood

I pray with all the people
on the bus
we all open our wet hands
smooth and growing blooms
and we pray
we make new scenes out
the window
we weep in extreme
sorrow & joy

One comment

  1. Scott Keeps Running · May 10, 2010

    …knees to splinteredlike telephone poles.."it's lines like these that make me stop what i'm doing and start writing.


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