for allen ginsberg

ghost bodies
have empathy for everyone
they are all trying to
survive based on experience

must be open to all
the faces, listening
to all the hearts

the summerstars

shake me up
wake me up
the flowers
shooting up
from the ground

the gleam making
you forget

don’t be afraid
to be who you are
always accept yourself
with gentleness
as you accept others

let people be free
and independent and be
free and independent

talk to god
be in sensual, momental love

today I
put out the plants
to harden
and ride into the
green hills
the open farms
and dirt roads

sun pushing thru
body of god
extracting, pushing
out the festering
part of my brain
making me ok, to
be part of the
one, the water and
the trees, to be part
of it all is enough
the muskrat and
the baby ducks, to
be alive, to
keep living
trying to be kind
trying most to be
kind to myself
to keep breathing to
look at the light in the
to stay afloat