It’s friends past
it’s hills
& desperate voices saying
the doctors cut me open
& put an electrical wire
to my heart
and the electricians
were there helping the
doctors send electricity
to my heart
and the doctors told
my sister I have
a beautiful heart

jazz land sugar sidewalk
bliss views
though the most ecstatic human is you
sugar skies & pacifist horizons
hanging onto rails
and jazz candy buds appearing on the floor
the moment you think
of asking for them
music coming
from everything
soft trees
blooming me and umbrella

flashes of pale ghost
people in Seattle
now yellow flowers
in salt water
and my face old
and smoky in the window
sending you healing
wishes between
the roads of our hearts
the roads of our dreams
intercontinental serene
trees dripping petals
like being fresh born
cows running

teenage boys on coke
in Mexican restaurant last night
80’s colors
talking bout 6 blizzards
& only 3 people in the
car how did that happen?
& the woman
letting the spirits thru
the portal
“I know why I can
hear all these conversations:

fuel is not going
to work well in every
part of the country
use the kind of fuel
that’s best suited for
that region with the least
amount of additives
-Minnesota soybean farmer, fuel producer

so wet eyed
wet faced
train crossing the river
a molecule connected
to all molecules

my sure heart so scorched

they say I look more “put together”
I go out to the roar
of the night
& ocean
cannon beach
welcoming me to sadness
with a beach fire
keeping me warm &
able to offer prayer sparks
& tear spray

the bartender from Kansas
said “I’m a scorpio”
I love water
the more healed I get
the more detached I
feel – in love with myself
& expecting nothing but from me & god


Me: so what have you been up to?
Color: Clothes, I don’t go very long before I change my clothes
Me: like, buying clothes?
Color: like, looking sharp
hands me a piece of paper
with bold words covering it in
Color: will you bleach a pair of blue jeans for me?
my dad always told me
do what makes you happy

in green
that opens you
wild purple pansies
music on the shore
beach song: mower
& school yard
pole clinging

you kayaking on the
other side of the world
let the water & green
& clouds open you

you saying without
them you’d be lost
for better or for worse
letting the drum set
garage painted sun
peek movement sustain me

ocean night shore
shape that gives
dollar bills & poetry & sand love

do not say what you’re
going to do because
that makes a decision
you try to follow
& doesn’t enable improvisation
in the creative process
-glassblowers giving demonstration

the breeze on my
is as still as this river
could be
so unsure of
anything but