He dreamed of singing
sleeping in my bed
I said I’m the one who dreams
long side rivers on airport runways
I’m the one who has flown so low
but is soul freed, a river fish let out to sea
the precious bay
opening up blue, like pure consciousness
I am soul freed
I am pieces of airplane wing blending with cloud
I sleep in backseats between
Grace Street & Masonic Street
to ocean rain
I drain out fish sweat
over green hills
turned fog mythland

He said you have a relaxing
swimming in the night pink
I said move into me like a hot water cure
I said move into me like a slow moving cloud
look into me with moonstreaked blindness
fly from currents of dark rocks
into my boat of dusk
float with me on mirror waters
whipping like a crazy star across my legs
until I smell of fish sweat
until I’m able to hold your slick moonglow in my hands
and release you back into holy breath
over the rivers and into the sea