Mon, August 2, 2010 4:34:31 PM
greetings from germany

dear lisa!
long long time ago you send me a letter with poems and i promised to answer. well i never forget my promise but i have two problems
a) my english is horrible and it is not easy for me to write and tell you something
b) i have a lot of work to do and i am still working
but please believe me i havent forget you these long long times
if you have internet you can go to and look and make a klick for the word “moststationen”, then you make a new klick to “grünes klassenzimmer” or to “blühflächen”, arrived here you make the last klick to “hortus insectorum” and you will see my success of work: a huge garden projekt for bees and butterflies
if you look for both possibilities you see 5 fotos, one of me, one of my hand with a rare butterfly and 3 impressions of my blooming garden
on september the 25 is a big planting action on my garden 28000 bulbs will find there way into the ground of my property
perhaps you come one time to germany and can see that all
heartly greetings from markus to you in reality and in my mind