“Life is the best game in town”
it was a catch phrase hanging over his head
in a movie
a revelation:
I’ve learned how to play
the game
when before I just wanted out
26 years of my life
I didn’t know how to play
the game, I didn’t see
that paradise is right here
I pray to what’s right
here now
the trees and my friends &
myself, not to some god
that may not exist

I am a self-contained music machine
nothing happens to me without my
soul’s consent
no loves comes unless it’s real love
I pray over the body of a man
I dreamed
a man I kissed when still a boy
who is a music machine self-contained
talking in the van to his dying
father about godlessness in the afterlife
and god in this life.
“My father’s cool, he smokes a
lot of pot. I took the gun
from his hands”
I am unafraid of any pain
I can take it I can, cry
it will be good for me
good tears to water the earth
good pain & joy to navigate
the arteries of the earth with
to think me and the dream
were just arteries
holding onto each other
trains rushing through our sleep
my lips pressed to his winged
he dreams the train each night
don’t let him get off it
we need him to be beautiful living
we need me to be beautiful living
staying on the train
I am a music machine self-contained
in airports
thinking of the dream
that came alive
that was god right here
that was nothing wrong
I will heal the broken
ones I will kiss their tender
heads and pray to them
I will cry at the thought
of doing any wrong against
another, against my own spirit
do not get addicted to heroin
and violent gutter streets that
make you want to die
it’s all right here
the greatest game in town
right here
for us to play it cool
coming back to each other
years later