wet eye pull
wet brick lift
wet fern waving steady
with no wind
with no animal
having pushed it
I stop with wheel speak
and say hello fern
I won’t hurt you
& it stops shyly
spirit there saying
we’re glad to see you
come through
we were waiting for you
you’re always
sacred & you’re
always welcome
in fur moss
cathedral pines
rib dark deer entwined
saying uaw
it’s good to
see you here
there are leaves to
eat lives to
flocks of birds rejoicing
in southward song
spell out words for me
in the sky, spell out
messages, they say: haauw
jagged winged crow
appears low from
white cloud
it says haaw
it’s good to see you
coming through
the rain newly rested
in puddles in
craved streets
I echo haauw
and the puddles
echo my voice back
& it’s all so vivid
and pulling me wet
even the wet animal
smells saying hahw