In the tour van spread across
his voice was a whisper looking
at the road: why do you
live in Maine
I don’t know I’m trying to
figure it
feeling ok as a live wire
a raw bit of wind, a severed
vein spewing blood, watering the lands

he said have you guys ever
felt so low, like you don’t want
to live. And we said sadly,
honestly, yes. And we said
but now we want to live.
Gotta have a cool hand
to drum out dreams with

I met my baby at
the baby bar in redlight
and we played the juke box
in psychic rhythm. T asking what
song I wanted flipping thru
the discs. me saying #s only
but reading the poetics
my heart a thunder
bb king
so glad people don’t
have to carry me thru
Esther Phillips
I know my maker lives
because he lives inside of me
records from the land
of believing we are god
high eyed wet thru
the trees
I just drank anything
that was handed to me