there has been bad
and there has been blood
but the river
washes it clean now
but the moon
washes it clean now

silver moon
ocean sun gone down
bear beaver
black snap turtle blood
to cure trauma
a Sicilian remedy
an Indian remedy
turtle heart for long life

the beaver eating sticks
old river old women bodies
stretching into the
water and smacking
tails going under
becoming river serpents
river consciousness that
bore us
and I step into the
soft bank
and a fast fish whips
like a crazy star
around my feet
everything hungry and
alive at twilight
me stretching out alive in
a boat of dusk
I smile floating
down past salvation
safety islands forever
fortresses from
the stolen lands
I keep waking up
from memory to dream

every time I talk to my
brother he is driving
in a car sucked by
the desert
a sapped voice
give him some nectar
of the gods
make the road
a silver river
to wash him clean with