When god will you come
how am I
to walk on streets so slanted
how am I to swim in
waters so low
harvesting silver muscle
and feeding them to
seagulls of light
oh god is that you
sitting there? Please hold me
river trees in your
wind please gulp me
I am so tired but
I’ve got to get my car right,
my boat right & meet the poets on the shore

across from Grand Manan
Isle owned by Canada
lands of the passamaquoddy’s
where as a girl
my friend
almost fell to the sea from
tripping on a pipe
how it’s time to love myself
more than that girl now
but how it hurts to see
her fall
blue & green is only
of this place & loves
sun & wind love me touch me
thank you god

the will from my father’s
devil arriving yesterday, saying of
his relatives: you are all dead to me
guess what I am
alive devil
and it is my soul
that feeds me the wind that sees me
no part of you

the smell of
summer river water
pushing boats
that is you god
thank you

the piano
in “pink moon”
making me cry

crossed the line
crossing the bridge
Cove not Island street
is the turnoff