watching her lighting candles
then sage & sweetgrass
in a muscle
shell and it some unspoken
ceremony of healing and
the wind coming in the screen
door & it beginning to rain

watching her make leek & potato
it comforting me in cloud
tasting soothing pure and whole

tiny sideways walking crab
on the wet rocks
I practice my voice
on the moonlit
& it hits the rocks
and gets carried out by the waves
the fire
won’t take it in

I practice my voice sitting
at her kitchen counter
I sing strangely
& she says it doesn’t
suit you to be teasing
and I practice my
voice with back turned
to her searching for the
right song
“I would never turn you away”
it coming out an unsure
echo-ey test
after she said you
could tell me: don’t come
crying to me
no, I would never
turn you away

I can finally see the
rain falling
not ignore it for my
running like veins
from other people, music
my dreams & the sky

the room waivers
the music holy