neon grasses
eel grasses
sudden islands
and island dreams
logheads & beaverheads
in the water
the last light glowing
in everything magical
and amazed like dying
light then darkness
all at once
praying to river birds
smoking with river birds
the old motorcycling
couple stopping on the
highway just in time
to light my way out
of the water
I see a bald eagle
low in a tree
I look back and
it is the body
of god in a tree
the so Indian
so marsh
so sweetgrass river Islands
this magical land
that created a people
and the animals
sharing itself with
me eerie holiness
making me reckon
with myself
demand watery strength
from myself
paddle in time to the
water bugs swirl
the white spider walking
across the water
into & up onto
my kayak
I brushed off
with paddle
& cast it
like on a line
from its web
into the river
and rode into pink clouds
this land can heal
and fly them away too

single red leaf
floating on black
water like rose petal
funeral for murdered niece
dying auntie and
niece being born