whatever I’ve become
it is ok
listening to
crinkling sea kelp
seals talking
stone glow
the waves
& birds
& a gun
in the blueberry
fields to scare them
missing you
while acknowledging
what I’ve
a wave to ride on

this is the new me
and this is the new you
listening to songs with feeling
woke up feeling today
would be sad
but tried to keep a smile
and thought of the black eyed seals
Sam’s voice
& Imogene from twelfth night
talking classical music
single ’til 35
meeting his wife in phoenix
I’ve got some stories of my
own but it’d take a day
to narrate them
“your dad was a good man, he
just had his problems
he was my favorite nephew”
saying it proud
a tool designer
25 years since I’ve
talked to him
& in what has
all is forgiveness

like I’ve lived my
parents lives thru
the 40s
Sam telling me
you were born in
Buffalo, I remember
the house where you
lived, oh no that
was your dad & aunt