Forgiveness gestures everywhere
clothing gifts waiting for me
in the morning
forgetting all wrongs, letting
people be new
fingers tap
not long ago I
was trying
to pray to people
with my body
vibrating with energy
not long ago I was
at the bar & biked
home in cemetery fog
it feels great
to be a specter
to keep rolling

Adventure time
bags packed wherever I go
who is this?
spoons falling out
of my pockets, tangling
with headphones
shaking hands with passing
not even being scared
of the people anymore
the bus driver talking to
me: “we’ll get
to Bangor by nine”
“this is my favorite
part of town”
night commentary
fresh out of work or
school territory
going into hannaford
narrating the scene
composing us
spirits in flesh
passing thru each other
people smoking
greeting those
thick black belly
clouds with thanks
loving those clouds so
helplessly and full
because of their honesty shocks
led zeppelin coming on
the bus radio
over the river
“what do you
feed your horses,
bus driver gets the farm woman
talking. He used to live
in Albuquerque