macaroni cheese & deli
scents walking thru the
knock me out
sight of peanut butter
jars knocks me out
my legs tangle
when hunger is so strong
food’s sickening
riding bicycle downhill
the wet wind gulps me
I let it take me all in
with quick prayer thanks
I shop for boy’s eyes
I try to see some
love hidden
in shiny car
riding America
the sight of
teenagers with
green hair yelling
obscenities makes
me weep
in cloud wink
the sadness of confusion
of having to grow adult
in a backwards world

so hungry
turning on the radio
staggering in emptiness
holding a bag of
rice in contemplation
then a sack of
looking at cucumbers
leaning over counter
eating apple slices

I am a pulsing thriver
a mover over the skyer
my eyes cling to wild duck wings
this scene composing me
veins and spirits
passing thru each other