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weightless walking
like back in spokane
locked to the asphalt’s tip
exposed in sunny downtown
to people outside
the Italians are open &
hipster free burnt
pizza & Italian beer, cash only
I’ll drive around to music
locked in American life
pieced together by music
can’t think
just dream
new languages new faces
Italian accents, Fredericton accents
a kid saying
how’d that tattoo get on his check
the woman answering: it hit him there
painters on the sidewalk
pigeons & starlings
make the best fly
make the buildings the pinkest

Falling asleep in back
of hot car by ocean
feel transported to
childhood bed, cars
wonder life

“make way, whatever
will be will be
for the sandman
the brakeman
and me”
sounds like coeur d’alene
the pier, Hudson burgers, the lake
swimming all day as kids

going to the apple orchard
for fun
wanting to be alive for music
to experience the lifting