Seagull screech is very important to me
how the sun licks me home anywhere
how the cold makes me feel most alive
in the morning, running in the frost heaves
with steady pace, cold only when stopping
to pray over transforming waters
the river full and steaming, getting ready
to freeze. My fingers made of flowers
my skin a thousand stars. my mouth
in a perpetual state of burntness from
eating food so hot & ravenously, from
gulping smoke so gustily. What happens
when a burnt mouth finally heals? I speak scars
Remember when you feel alone & wanting
you are not alone, you have your lover god
inside you, you are wrapped in all this:
kids in suits walking across lawns, furry dying flies,
seagulls searching for rooms. People walking into you,
people seeing only a pen moving over a bench now.
No paper leaves, no human being.
Click of heals my mother, click of heels forever.
How did she walk
so gracefully, restrained.
Fuck the system that kept
my mother searching for dirty elevators on high heels
in a white man’s world.

This steamy food taken
out in the cold the best. These hot potatoes
the most ancient taste. These long johns keeping
me so warm. This beat that lives in the air, that lives
in the wind, that lives in my chew always, I can tap
my legs to at any time. There is music everywhere:
sirens & kids yelling in play. The goal is to be hypnotic
& to be easily hypnotized. When you feel alone
& wanting, remember you are wrapped in asphalt.
You can lift up the road at any time and drape it
over your shoulders as an afghan. Remember
to pet that seagull head, your dearest friend,
and to love the air that cleans your lungs
& even to love the fire that scars your lungs