my shadow leading
me my shape light like flying
I dreamt I could run so surprisingly
fast could out pass the marathon men
jump over stones
2 mustangs stop on either side of
the road to let me run across
I swung my shape
trusting my feet and the way
my body moves in time
to seagulls & white clouds
going by in icy blue
my cadence
in step to the sun
listening to my animal breath
the cold burning my cheeks
a man cutting wood with an
axe in his yard
a black mouse moving fast
in the trail
then going under pine needles
could see it lifting the pine
running a path under
black crow in a tree
looking down as I talk to it
sun warming me stopping to
winter wind swimming me
blue water lapping the shore
the voice of prayer
black cat brushing its head on dry grass
standing up as I talk to it
greet all living things
tell them it’s ok
the helicopter breaking up the silence
at the airport
the music of my running feet
trusting my body

train’s animal howl
water melting off helicopter blades
buildings, the yellow tinseled town
river water open silver heart like
getting ready to be frozen over
my light small steps on candy crusted snow
barely making imprints
the cars’ heavy loads
rushing the snow away
the trees sleeping bathed in white
in woods path
this is all that I come here with
what I wear on my body
what I see with my eyes
the river’s heart beating
the holiness of winter air come to me
again pulling my cheeks
carrying woodsmoke scents
making my eyes squint
as if heavy with rejoicing tears
reflecting light from every surface