words on white caps
owls in people
moon almost full

wind that rips my ears
moon that sets into my window
like a woman, a mother leaning

legs closed, arms on side, head looking down
my loving one come to me in a flash
how fast the moon moves

melting into the music opening
my mouth to its big mouthed blues
rushing my head with piano keys

from storm clouds light came
illuminating groups of reaching trees,
that looked like basking flames

and the old man biking on the trail
wore large headphones
that made his mood catch my vision of beauty

cars rushing over the river
how that bridge life can ride you,
how important it is to listen to your core

like you listen to the water
its waves or its rise or its chill
little blue flies come alive for me

in pink & cream sky
ducks flying over in time to my living
how sensitive I am, tingling with each

scent, sight – colors super real, surreal
deep leaves bleeding color
my hands turned to heavy ice

make a small lake of fresh water
appear on the table,
I didn’t notice until it quivered