my despair
the trees and grass have turned green and the river fast and full
the water I drink tastes like chemicals
I think of my body struggling to process it
the river is sicker
carrying white foam
I stop to smell the jack-in-the pulpit growing from dead leaves
around the corner, men in white hazard suits
dig thru piles of toxic waste below the steamplant by the river
the motor sounds tear things apart
the birds’ song gnawed by tractors and mowers
cops sit idling in parking lots
I stand in the forest as you send me a text:
just visited the grave site of the communist workers party five
88 seconds in greensboro cops allowed the kkk to shoot down nurses, doctors, civil rights activist
they were shot in the face, heart, back, with kids around
my eyes burning from looking at the screen
a bee goes inside
the cedar tree
it is the heart of the tree returned

I don’t want people getting hurt
the miracle of life poisoned
where is the road to joy?

I wish to live true & clean but how?
listen to each other like the birds
in the trees, speak carefully thru song