I’m trying to see into your prism world. where gardens of light appear in strange places and connect everything to everything. you show me how to start from homelessness and build yourself as an artist. you show me how to believe in eternal love above all else. you show me how to emulate your heroes and stay humble. tonight I’m spreading butter on the fine points of the stars to grease the night like you taught me. the moon is full and my friends are paddling under it in borrowed boats. I’m washed to shore on Redondo Beach, where my mother is from, and you lost someone. the tides are most extreme tonight. we’re remembering to keep our finger on the pulse of mysterious energy. I gather your controlled rage when I need a lift. I gather your self-belief. I feel no guilt. you guide me with your rock n’roll. I meet you at that little farm in New England and you teach me crow cadence and tone. we die and are reborn.