you saying I want to record that

sound like bells

when I played a sad song-a & c
in the dark rain. thinking
of passing from this
world, talking about chi, not the wave
but in the wave

leaves in death

skin like petals, apples

walk singing a star
fish song on
the bottom of the sea

sink or swim

we drank each other
in the kitchen. now play
the gold guitar rain
on tin

white seed fields. take pictures

the kitchen light flickin on
saying hi to visitors


what’s the wind
forecast? crows rise
a blue flower, human hand
ghost pressure today. peel air
took a silver swig of water
& it knocked me down. coated
my teeth with electricity. pulled
out my cheeks & made me
stagger lay down & watch the
silver sky move past in light
and red lung fire leaf out window
I pray with crows. we stare at each other
with the source of life. the minute
I look away, crow is gone

One comment

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