the crows meet up at the end of the day and
roost together in rows of trees in grimmest places
the line of pines the crows’ home
stay above board, they say,
waved in from the doorway
she said take the overwhelm and make it small
so small it can fit in the palm of your hand

I become a giant then

hey crow.  you can
listen or let go

I walked and walked in the moon beat
to get myself clean. 
& she was by

the fire.  talking
about stars & the unseen

asking me how I was doing.  good now that you sat down
& calmed me with your perfume cool

making it all small, I become enormous
there are more poets in prison than education.
when in doubt quote whitman.
bowl of berries on the ground under all
the chairs.  an
offering.  I tune out

my ears so I don’t picture the blood words
but my dreams will still know. look
at the heart bag, listen to the hall
why have I felt so ashamed, as if I sold myself
I miss my gone bird giving me light
walking up from the shore trying to face it
pressed play on the ipod shuffle & oceanic came on –
harp light – I looked up & bald eagle low
was looking down at me – looking down the shore –
embodiment of god & everyone I love.
in my belly the snow salt cool of rock shore.  
searching for me. 
searching for the one I love. 

blessing kid.  this
is your gift.  this is your cool

to fill you with rush tears and bring prayer
to your lips. 
walking thru ice field harp elevation

I have hung out with god. 
blessings flown

over me.  the white
head brown winter wings

yellow beak come out of the ocean.  come from the unseen. 
can go invisible and come out to say it’s ok kid.
you’re meant for this. 
I’m with you.  then “it’s only

came on the ipod. 
hide away.  nothing matters and
what if it did.

it’s only life. sad holy holy comere kid.  remember me. 
the hidden holy

coming up from the shore. 
being strong to stay alive. 

for the ones I love. 
you’re alright kid cool belly

all my crows become you 

go to all I love
the black rooster in ice yard
the spearmint gum handed to me
by her the juiciest freshest
she pulled out an orange. 
I held

in my hand like darwish.
I’m the kid with the gold beak god
where laughter is forbidden
you’ve got to learn to put on a happy face
the eagle was spry tilted down to take me in its wing
the sweetest most refreshing juice
images/feelings as people
the cool smell of good music