dark night

I watched the crow eat black meat then cry out
I walked along the river & listened to the hush of
ice gently speaking blue heart.  this land
so alive and enspirited.  my shadow glow the layers of
my ancestral chart – the aura of all of them.
I was too endreamed to go into the lady’s house.
fire trucks screeched by.  I was glad you texted
to say you’d made it.  my gone bird.
I stood in the field praying to the pinetops. 
give me strength.  I walked into the condo
it was red inside.  warm.  wood floor.  old people
talking low.  I couldn’t face it.  I backed out.
I thought to leave the banana bread in the yard
then thought it better to leave it for the crows.
I laughed, the night laughed, an ancient apprentice
I picked up a big pine cone, smelled it and put it back down
I thought of bb singing, you better not look down  
if you want to keep on flying

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