we are unafraid

we pick up our guitars again and tell the people don’t be denied.  don’t break your back and go to war.  we believe in your goodness.

we take back our strength and humanity.  we don’t have to ask others what to do.  we know – we use our huge hearts.  we are not better than our competition.  we are our competition – the same.  racism is used to discount foreign laborers by saying others are less than american, less than white .  these are the ills that capitalist industrial competition incites.

we take back our kindness.  our bodies our hearts our brains are used to run this world and we will be respected.

money tries to get the young to sell their souls.  we sing them back, you don’t have to go to war and kill your brother.

we take care of ourselves and each other and the land that is also us

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