at dinner “where’s the music” you ask
“I hear louis armstrong mumbling low”
I say, then the horns brighten up 
the dizziness & lights & cold breathlessness –
we’re in a seed –
we can say whatever we want and no one
can hear or see us
we’re in a red beer glass – you telling me
about the thread you have to burn you love so much –
my mind gone with the wind ice splintered outside
possessed by the blue cold
cherry buzz

starlings fly by in the hundreds
with their human songs they sway
with wing beats

deep red dawn sky this morning told me
it was going to snow

at the crossroads I traded my tongue for music
built my boat now gotta sail it

pick up the electric bits and light them
with wing beats

my heroes come and crack open the
earth and the clouds wink at me. 

fast it’s all we can do. 
the fake

plants become real.  a man
begins to fix

a shattered window in front of me.
these are my secrets