-where is this systematic racism you’re talking about?

-this country was founded on it:

genocide                                   broken treaties            bounties for scalps                            spencer phips proclamation               small pox blankets             stealing the land                                 damming the rivers                they’ll never get chief joseph off that mountain

boarding schools           abuse by nuns & priests                        forced assimilation       slaves

lynchings                                 jim crow         segregation                   shackles on the feet of crow god        poverty            substandard   schools, jobs, housing                                     no health care             subhuman                                 generations of trauma on your back               higher death rates      dying younger                                    suicide              goodnight irene whites benefiting from it                    internalized oppression       black and blue

addicted                                    diabetic                                    immigration control
deportation                ethnic studies ban         japanese internment camps                  muslims treated like terrorists                          wounded knee

torture                        guantanamo bay                 beating the human rose to blood sap           stomped light                           palestine          1973 chilean coup              censored history         profit for few               teargas in oakland

hurricane katrina          war       how billie holiday was made to use the backdoor       imprisonment                          troy davis

kill you when you’re innocent

-how come i can’t see it?

-they’ve taught us to stay deaf dumb and blind