phone calls from the rain

seeing the line glazed with rain written on a
cardboard sign
tacked to telephone pole
my psychic hands pick up the phone before it rings
hello snake in the wood
your whole body some wildflower
please don’t let us rattle
away into insanity   
don’t let all our colors blend
don’t let us shake and smoke & haywire 
last night in meteorite sky
i cried into your belly
& you sat unmoving
i thought of the boy
riding the midwestern train      a stowaway
crying on the old queer’s lap    & how he
promised himself never to cry in anyone’s
lap again
not even the belly of a blossom snake
hello deer running with me in silver dawn
your clouds catch my eyes
hello crow waking
from your dreams flying mightily across
the sky eating the blue yard
thank you for answering
i clear my lungs of prayers and wash my mouth
in wind    the scent
of balsam from the forest
is the trees’ love for me
to think that i could ever want
to leave the holy mud and moss
and destroy the perfect beat of my heart

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