alice coltrane swayed my primitive blood harp rattle bass keys love beauty standing before me with justice & truth

i was communing with the angels    i was standing on basalt by the river    i was eating wraps    i must have looked like a ghost or a tree    red birds were singing & they were shifting to blue birds    they cupped me & the cedars    robins were singing and i felt them brush my legs    robin wing touched me loved me as it flew by    fast in a trail of four red birds    shifting to blue trees    this is how my angels say hello    i shivered like the blue river    the touch of wing on pant leg is the touch of god on plants    low flight is still high    lets me know bird wing beat faster than thought the forest moving around me

reading kennedy ironweed on the lives of the dead    i reached for gum & pulled out my father’s dog tag    held it in my hand another angel hello

i was standing between cedars by the blue waters & heard the singing and felt lucky to be brushed by wings and my legs became wings

& my love appeared at my desk and said the robins were communing with you my love