i got drunk on just his laugh
and the night blew away like a dream

i prayed let her be okay bringing
her sailboat to shore
carrying the moon

the blue jays can still fly in
hurricane wind and i can still fly
my bicycle an airplane
over the bridge in the wind
leaves running down the street
the wind gathering all its holy
ghosts    all its wheels and wings

i praise thanks wind for this fly life
smell of breeze
when i open the door
the train shaking the roots Dylan
on the phonograph so echoed
yet so clear like a thousand
midnights ago and like the cleanest just now

praising the trees for making it thru
the night sturdy bending
trees looking out the window
in the blue and gold
hurricane sky  resurrection
in rain jacket

sitting here in mud face
& weak legs
the soft smell of rose
as you walk by

wish i could be childlike lost
in the joy of each moment
wish i could be a forest 

a child wanting to wrap myself
up in her blue rain jacket

the clouds arrive in the form
of a sacred face looking into me

crows surround me as i talk
to my mother in the woods
purring and calling
in answer to her question
about the future   crows are social
she said

saved by the river saved by the trees
the tall tall pines who match their hearts
with mine