sun who is the source of all 

perfect light inside

i am alive 
your illuminated brilliance
gives me all

cradled in blue ridges 
leading to shining peaks 
overlooking jeweled island

neon green mosses
hemlock grandmothers
waiting to be heard

supreme friend
you must be honored 
and protected

look at your veins
the unbelievable
miracle of your skin
your perfect lips 
bringing me only 
the most needed words
of assurance

good air good light
good water 
good lightning 

the soothing words 
i forgive you healing instantly
whispering kindness
to each cell of my body
to each cell
of universe

you are powerful
you are whole
you know

the sight of kindness heals me
my right hand massaging my left hand 
robins laughing 

oh perfect light inside
i believe in you

pulsing star who gives to all
let me be a nurturing grandmother like you
let me not forget you


we nurture our ancient mother 

who sustains us   

these corporate industrial fires
cannot be good for our rivers
these assaults on the air cannot
be good for our breath
deer live here
hawks    we turn the oil pipes
into steel bikes
we make it a sustainable town


straying from love
a chance to return to love
wars end 
by asking how can i serve 
what can i give 
not what can i get


star moss

scent of wet spruce bark returning
melted snow coming down from the mountain
finding remnants of a fallen crow
first i’ve ever seen
quiet grave by the stream
marked by a few feathers 
and a grandmother’s hand
descendent of the oldest living being
life is always supported
by the bones of death
and humus of decay
climbing the stream
on thawed trails of dead leaves
to glowing rock guardians 
where snow still glistened
beech leaves rattling a song
calling all is light
all is me
in another world
no one else has ever seen
wrapped in holy gold
there the new day shine 
bathes us
summiting the hilltop magically
then racing back down 


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 I’m envisioning a place of equality and justice where it’s recognized we share a connection to the environment and one another: the life-giving sun, water, air, ground, and stars. I feel unable to truly rest in this awareness until all people, animals, and lands are treated with respect and allowed to thrive. 

Some anti-colonial context: as a white person of scoth-irish/italian ancestry born on taken Indigenous land I benefit from the gencoide/slavery aftermath and colonial dispossession of Indigenous peoples and territories. I am a proponent of reparations being made to Indigenous peoples, as well as to African American peoples, for stolen life, land, wages, health, and well-being. 

Originally from Spokane, WA, I now live in eastern Maine where I serve as a freelance editor. I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Maine; received a Pushcart Prize nomination; and have led spoken word / poetry workshops for youth in foster care, teachers, and Maine-Wabanaki REACH.